Overview of Misutonida product labeling

For a better overview and orientation in our e-shop, we have prepared this overview and explanations of the designation for you.

Front homologated frames and frames without homologation

  • are all frames in our catalog that have the letters EC in the order code as well as information in the product description that they have homologation
  • other frames are without homologation

Front frames and body frames with or without burnt-out car mark.

  • Frames with the letter K in the order code and the letters ZN in the product name - The frame emblem has a burnt-out car mark, such as the Berlingo, frames without this mark have clean sheet metal

misutonida rám s logem

Color version - the entire range can be ordered in a polished stainless steel version, or in a black lacquered stainless steel version.

Difference in ordering code stainless steel design designation IX, black design PL

nerez rám misutonidačerný rám misutonida